Mar 06, 2024

Morning Briefing │ Wednesday, March 6th, 2024


The Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and the French President Emmanuel Macron signed a strategic partnership action plan during a visit by the latter to Prague on Tuesday. The document is focused on European and foreign policy, security and defence, migration, trade, social affairs, science and culture and is valid until 2028.

The action plan refers to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as illegal and unprovoked armed aggression.


It should be mainly overcast in Czechia on Wednesday, with an average high temperature of 9 degrees Celsius. The following days are expected to see clear skies.

* RIP:

Pavel Zajíček, a pivotal figure in Czechoslovak independent culture during the 1970s, died today at 72. Zajíček, known for his role in founding the iconic music group DG 307, authored numerous poetry collections and lyrics.

He endured arrest under the communist regime, later signing the Charter 77 manifesto. Zajíček’s contributions were honored with honorary citizenship of Prague in October 2023.


Protests by farmers will take place in Prague on Thursday, when tractors will drive through the city and a demonstration will be held. The protest was announced by Jan Dolezal and Martin Pycha, heads of the Czech Agrarian Chamber and the Czech Agricultural Association, speaking after a meeting of representatives of farmers’ organisations yesterday.


West Ham United defender Vladimír Coufal is set to return to the Czech national team after clear the air talks with new coach Ivan Hašek.

The defender was one of three players sent home from the Czech national squad during qualifiers for Euro 2024 in November after attending a night club in Olomouc.

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