Apr 08, 2024

MRIYA Film Festival Makes European Debut in Prague, Celebrating Ukrainian Cinema and Culture

MRIYA International Fundraising Film Festival, a unique celebration of Ukrainian cinema and culture, has announced its European debut with the first event in Prague.

As a testament to the enduring spirit and resilience of the Ukrainian people, the festival showcases a series of short films crafted by talented Ukrainian directors, many of whom are actively volunteering or serving in territorial defense efforts within Ukraine.

MRIYA, translating to “dream” or “inspiration” in Ukrainian, embodies the pride, hope, and dreams of the Ukrainian people.

Named after the largest cargo plane ever built by Antonov’s Design Bureau in Soviet Ukraine, Mriya has historically represented the undying hope and belief in the best outcomes. Despite the devastating loss of this symbolic plane during a Russian air attack on Hostomel Airport in the early days of the war in Ukraine, the spirit of MRIYA remains unbroken.

“At MRIYA, we are not just a film festival – we are a movement, a celebration of Ukrainian talent, and a force for positive change,” said Kateryna Horina, the founder of MRIYA.

A passionate Ukrainian national who was living abroad prior to the full-scale invasion, Kateryna was inspired to create MRIYA in response to the struggle of her homeland, aiming to make a difference through the art of filmmaking.

During the inaugural event in Toronto, Canada, in April 2022, MRIYA successfully conducted seven screenings over the week, with all proceeds directed towards Come Back Alive and UA Direct Support.

This year, in collaboration with the Ukrainian-based charity foundation “Solidarity Mission,” MRIYA hosted its first festival of 2024 in Chernihiv, Ukraine. The festival featured eight compelling short films and a silent auction, supporting Solidarity Mission’s project on building a clinic for plastic reconstruction surgery and general rehabilitation for Ukrainian warriors.

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Following the success of the third sold-out show held in Kyiv, MRIYA is excited to announce the launch of the European part of the festival. Now, in collaboration with Save Ukraine, an NGO that helps Ukrainian children deported to Russia return home, the European tour will commence in Prague, followed by screenings in Berlin, Krakow, Warsaw, and Barcelona.

The festival aims to showcase the best of Ukrainian filmmaking and continue its fundraising efforts to support those in need.

For more information, program details, and tickets, visit mriyafilmfestival.com, or follow @mriya.for.ua on Instagram and Facebook.

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