May 10, 2024

A Czechoslovak Graduation Party You Won’t Forget. The Musical ‘THE REBELS’ with English Subs

A Czechoslovak graduation party you won’t forget. Watch the musical ‘THE REBELS’ with English subs and Some like it Czech.

Step into the vibrant world of the movie ‘THE REBELS’ and discover the essence of Czech Grease amidst the backdrop of the blooming 60s. An English-friendly analog screening of this groovy love story takes place on the 15 of May at Kino Aero. Buy your tickets here.

‘The Rebels’ (2001, Filip Renč, watch the trailer) beckons audiences to immerse themselves in a world where summer sizzles, love dances in the air, and carefree 60s are about to end. Tereza and her friends Julča and Bugyna have just graduated, and are eager to try everything adult life has to offer. Three mysterious young men who suddenly appeared in their borderline hometown seem to be the perfect accomplices for this mission.

Follow their thrilling journey from the nerve-racking excitement of graduation to the exhilarating rush of first love, all accompanied by the Czechoslovakian 60s singles.

There are big chances that you already know the beats to the music, as some of them are covers of famous American songs such as ‘Downtown’ or ‘Sugartown’. Back in the days, the remakes were quite popular in Czechoslovakia because people didn’t get to listen to the originals so the local songwriters took advantage of that.

Nonetheless, ‘The Rebels’ contains the finest selection of the local hits from the 60s, that will linger in your ears long after the credits roll. The beloved flick of Czech late millennials returns to the silver screen thanks to the ‘Some Like It Czech’ project. Showed on analog, complemented with English subtitles, ensuring that language is no barrier to the magic of this cinematic spectacle.

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Plus, a lively introduction by one of the biggest fans of the movie and the project itself, lovely Pavlína Rampová will set the stage for an evening of pure entertainment and nostalgia.

This all and much more awaits you at cinema Aero on the 15th of May. Buy your tickets to get the best seats. PS: Don’t forget your 60’s fits if you want to slay.

If you want to know more about the event and the project itself, follow Some like it Czech on Instagram or Facebook.

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