Feb 10, 2024

My Florist – Local Yet Global English-Speaking Florist in the Center of Prague

Nestled behind the bustling commotion of Palladium, are a few side streets that ooze with Prague’s distinct culture as a city, where each store holds its own specialty and a new way for customers to connect with the city.

In these side streets, you’ll find MyFlorist, a unique floral boutique that stands out not only for its stylish arrangements but also for the personal touch of its owner, Katka.

MyFlorist caters to a diverse clientele, thanks to Katka’s fluency in English. In a city teeming with expatriates and tourists, this skill is invaluable.

“Speaking English is very handy when it comes to dealing with customers from various backgrounds, many of them mention that when explaining their ideas, they often encounter a language barrier,” Katka points out.

Originally from Slovakia, Katka moved to Prague 22 years ago to work in the business aviation industry. However, a deep-seated passion for floristry, inspired by her father’s love for gardening, led her to change her path after his passing.

She created MyFlorist, blending her skills in VIP customer service, from her previous career, with her love for flowers.

The commitment to quality at MyFlorist is paramount. “Keeping huge stocks of flowers each day is not crucial, I prefer quality to quantity. Going shopping for the orders I get the previous day ensures that the flowers are always fresh”, she says. “Customers often praise how long they last, it is my way of spoiling them”. This is a cornerstone of MyFlorist’s reputation, proven by many positive reviews.

An integral part of the flower shop is the e-shop – myflorist.cz offering delivery around Prague, and when available, Katka will take the opportunity to deliver the flowers herself, adding a personal touch to each delivery.

This service is particularly valued by her international customers, who make up around eighty percent of her orders. Katka likes to stay in touch with her local and international customers, keeping them updated and involved throughout the order process and customization, which builds trust and a relationship. The shop’s most popular option, the ‘Florist’s Choice’, allows customers to leave the selection to Katka’s expertise.

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“People often opt for the Florist’s Choice, trusting me to create something unique, usually with seasonal flowers,” she notes.

Moreover, MyFlorist goes beyond traditional retail, offering bi-lingual workshops for companies and groups interested in learning about floristry.

These workshops provide hands-on experiences in bouquet preparation and flower care, making them popular for team-building events and group activities.

MyFlorist in Prague is more than just a flower shop; it’s a manifestation of Katka’s passion and commitment to her craft. Her personal touch, the popularity of MyFlorist among foreigners, and the unique workshops offered, all make it a wonderful gem in Prague’s florist industry.

With Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner, start the 2024 season of love with a new florist, and why not consider MyFlorist when thinking about getting that gift for someone special!

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