Na Slamníku – 400-Year-Old Czech Pub

This may sound crazy but Na Slamníku may be one of the oldest existing pubs in the Czech Republic AND a key element in Czech music history AND a great place to eat AND a perfect place to stop by just for a great beer – all this at one place.

Na Slamníku is a pub with hundreds of years of history that was recently reconstructed and refurbished. For years it used to be a really basic, ugly pub and a punk concert venue (I lived nearby so I know) and it became a really nice, authentic Czech old-time pub with historic interior and great food and beer.

There is the big Stromovka park nearby and Na Slamníku has a really big summer garden, so it is no upscale place. People are coming for a beer from the park, stopping by for a soup on a bike or relaxing in the shade of the big trees in the garden with their kids.

During the day, you can enjoy their great Czech cuisine – and I have to say that they have really great desserts! – and in the evenings, there are music events. Great place to go to any time of the year.

Author: Janina MichlováYou can find the original article here

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