Jan 26, 2024

New Chapter for Kasárna Karlín: Prague’s Ambitious Revitalization Plans Unveiled

In the third week of January, Kasárna Karlín was registered in the Land Registry of the capital city. Now Prague City is looking for the most suitable use of the building.

Prague envisions a multifaceted role for Kasárna Karlín, considering it as a potential educational facility, a science and technology park, a cultural and social center, urban housing for university students, or a hub for innovative companies.

The city plans to engage in a constructive dialogue with the current operator and conservationists to shape these plans collaboratively, as outlined in a recent press release.

“Thanks to its location, the former military barracks building is of strategic importance for the development of the entire locality and the connection of Karlín to the center of Prague. Another important step towards the revitalization of the area is the restoration and glazing of the Negrelli Viaduct, where we are currently preparing a test run,” says Petr Hlaváček, First Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague for Territorial Development and Urban Planning.

The Prague City Council approved a follow-up plan in which it ordered the city’s contributory organization, the Prague Development Company, to prepare an analysis of the site’s usability by the end of September 2024.

The deputy minister also mentioned in a press release that the preparation of a zoning plan amendment is also in process, which will allow the reconstruction of the building.

“We assume that an estimated one-third of the leasable space in the Kasárna Karlín complex will be leased in the market mode after the revitalization, the other third will be leased to private activities, and the remaining space will be used to develop infrastructure for the needs of education,” adds Adam Zábranský (Pirate).

History of Kasárna Karlín

Kasárna Karlín was built in the 19th century because of complaints about the poor quality of soldiers’ accommodation in Prague, according to the website of the National Heritage Institute.

The barracks were built by the entrepreneur Vojtěch Lanna between 1846 and 1849, and at the time it was the largest building of its kind in Prague.

During the Second World War it was used by Wehrmacht soldiers, and during the occupation in 1968 it briefly housed the anti-occupation broadcast of the independent Czechoslovak Radio.

After the abolition of basic military service, the barracks also housed the Territorial Military Administration, the Reserve Officers’ Club, the military police, and the foreign police. Today, the barracks have hosted several cultural and sporting events for the public.

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