Jul 23, 2023

New Footbridge Connecting Holešovice and Karlín Districts to Open on Friday

Jan Čižinský, the mayor of Prague 7, recently announced on social media that the long-awaited Štvanice footbridge will finally open on Friday, 28 July, at noon.

Designed to link the districts of Holešovice and Karlín, the footbridge’s construction commenced in January, with architect Adam Gebrian confirming the Friday launch date.

With a length of approximately 300 meters and a budget of around CZK 300 million, the Štvanice footbridge serves to facilitate pedestrian and cyclist access to the Štvanice island while also enhancing connectivity between the city’s districts.

The need for ferry services, currently operating to establish the connection, will cease following the footbridge’s inauguration.

On the Holešovice bank of the Vltava River, the footbridge will originate from Bubenské nábřeží, located in front of the entrance to the Prague Market Hall.

On the Karlín side, it will lead to a cycle path running alongside the flood barrier on Rohanské nábřeží. Spanning 38 meters between Karlín and Štvanice and 149 meters between Štvanice and Holešovice, the footbridge is supported by five pillars, two on Štvanice, two in the Vltava River, and the final one in Karlín.

Before the footbridge’s completion, residents had to make the trek between Karlín and Holešovice on foot using the busy Hlávkův Bridge or follow a detour over Rohanský ostrov and Libeňský most.

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Likewise, reaching Štvanice was only possible via Hlávkov Bridge or by utilizing ferry services. However, with the introduction of the Štvanice footbridge, cyclists will also benefit as it forms a vital link between the backbone cycle paths on both banks of the Vltava.

This is not the first footbridge project undertaken by Prague in recent years. In 2020, a new footbridge from Císařský ostrov to Troja was opened after the original one collapsed in late 2017.

Now, the Štvanice footbridge stands as another testament to the city’s commitment to enhancing connectivity and accessibility for its residents and visitors alike.

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