Mar 06, 2024

New Index Reveals the Riskiest Intersection in the Czech Republic

A new index compiled by the Accident Portal has revealed the most dangerous intersection in the Czech Republic

Prague drivers, take note! I. P. Pavlova Square at the intersection of Legerova and Jugoslávská is the most dangerous in the entire Czech Republic.

Over the past two years, this complex junction has witnessed a staggering 103 traffic accidents, resulting in 13 injuries and exceeding CZK 15 million in damages.

So, what exactly makes this intersection such a hazard? The primary culprit seems to be confusion. The multitude of lanes leaves drivers unsure of which lane to enter and how to proceed, often leading to accidental lane changes and collisions.

Pavel Greiner, operations manager at the King Driving School, sheds light on the issue: “The main source of confusion lies in the multiple lanes branching out from the intersection. Drivers struggle to determine which lane to enter, remain in, and ultimately exit towards their intended destination. This confusion is further amplified by the left turn onto Žitná Street, where lane markings become particularly unclear.”

Greiner emphasizes the importance of experience and familiarity with the specific traffic situation.

He recommends practicing navigating the intersection during off-peak hours, like weekend mornings, to become comfortable with the lane layout and traffic signals. Additionally, he stresses the importance of using mirrors and maintaining situational awareness to avoid endangering other drivers.

The most common cause of accidents at the urban intersections tracked in the index is failure to give way, failure to maintain a safe distance, and running a red light.

The intersection at I.P. Pavlova proved no exception; distracted driving and inattention were the biggest cause of accidents here.

While adding clearer lane markings and directional arrows could potentially improve clarity, Greiner acknowledges the limited options for immediate improvements.

Until further modifications are implemented, extreme caution, consideration, and anticipation remain crucial for ensuring safety at this challenging intersection.


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