Jul 06, 2024

New Largest Protected Area to be Established in Czechia

The Ministry of the Environment has announced an agreement with most municipalities in the Ore Mountains to create a new protected landscape area (PPA), spanning over 1,200 square kilometers.

According to Novinky.cz, the new area will be situated between Kraslice and Petrovice.

“I am pleased that municipalities in the central Ore Mountains, which previously had reservations, now support the designation of the PPA,” said Environment Minister Petr Hladík (KDU-ČSL).

The ministry states that the new area will enhance the protection of the local landscape, known for its old forests, meadows, and pastures. It will also simplify state administration.

Residents in the area will face certain restrictions, which will vary depending on the zone.

In the strictest category, activities like mineral mining and new construction will be prohibited. Chemical gritting and highway construction will be banned throughout the PPA.

The Ore Mountains

As the name of the mountains may refer to its source, the Ore Mountains are primarily known for their mining of ores and silver. The area has been affected by the mining industry since the 14th century. However, its specific nature was recognized by UNESCO, and several mining landscapes were put on the UNESCO list in 2019.

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Today, tourists start to discover Ore mountains again, with its touristic trails in summer and cross country skiing trails in winter.

The passion for crafts is still alive in the Ore Mountains. The local inhabitants are known for their traditional skills, especially in woodworking and glassmaking.

You will admire beautiful handmade wooden toys and glass products, which make unique souvenirs to take home as a memory of this picturesque region.

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