Mar 13, 2024

NHL Global Series Returns to Prague on October 4-5

The Buffalo Sabers and New Jersey Devils will play two matches at the O2 Arena on Oct. 4 and 5, marking the start of the 2024/2025 regular season.

The last NHL games in Prague took place in October 2022, featuring the San Jose Sharks and Nashville Predators. Previously, the O2 Arena has hosted legendary teams like the New York Rangers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, Phoenix Coyotes (now Arizona Coyotes), Philadelphia Flyers, and Chicago Blackhawks.

Tickets start at CZK 1,990 and go on sale March 21.

This upcoming series promises an exciting showcase of talent, potentially including several Czech players. Forward Ondrej Palat, a two-time Stanley Cup champion with the Tampa Bay Lightning, will be a crowd favorite on the New Jersey Devils. Joining him on the Devils is fellow Czech, Tomas Nosek, although his contract ends after the season. The Buffalo Sabres roster boasts young Czech forwards Lukas Rousek and Jiri Kulich.

Palat expressed his enthusiasm: “Seeing how much playing in Stockholm meant to my friend Victor Hedman made me imagine how special it would be to play in the NHL here in the Czech Republic, surrounded by family and friends. This dream is finally coming true, and I can’t wait!”

However, not everyone is welcoming the NHL’s return. Legendary Czech goaltender Dominik Hasek has spoken out against the event due to the presence of Russian players in the league following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“I’ll do everything I can to stop the NHL games here,” Hasek told MF Dnes. “Letting Russians play is a huge advertisement for the war.”

The 2024 NHL Global Series will also feature games in Europe between the Dallas Stars and Florida Panthers in Tampere, Finland, on November 1st and 2nd.


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