Feb 29, 2024

No More Layovers! Prague-Tokyo Direct Flights on the Horizon

Travelers between the Czech Republic and Japan may soon enjoy the convenience of direct flights.

During a visit to Japan, Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský (Pirates) signed an agreement with his counterpart, Yoko Kamikawa, paving the way for a direct air link between Prague and Tokyo.

Currently, flying from Prague’s Václav Havel Airport to Japan requires stopovers, significantly extending the journey and adding costs.

Travelers typically face layovers in Dubai, Qatar, Rome, or other locations, pushing the price range between CZK 15,000 and CZK 30,000.

“This agreement is a crucial foundation for future direct flights between the Czech Republic and Japan,” Lipavský stated at a press conference.

The next step lies with airlines, who will finalize the specifics of the direct flights. “In Asia, it’s common for governments to pave the way before commercial agreements are made,” explained Daniel Drake, the ministry’s spokesperson.

Lipavský emphasized the importance of Czech-Japanese relations, highlighting Japan, alongside India and Australia, as a key ally in the Indo-Pacific region.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský and the head of Japanese diplomacy, Jóko Kamikawová, signing the agreement.


He pointed out the significant number of Japanese tourists visiting Prague annually, along with the presence of Japanese companies operating in the Czech Republic.

Although pre-pandemic travel figures haven’t been reached yet, the number of Japanese tourists venturing abroad is on the rise. According to official data, 9.6 million Japanese traveled internationally in 2023.

The prospect of direct flights between Prague and Tokyo signals positive developments for both countries, offering a more efficient and enjoyable travel experience for citizens and fostering deeper cultural and economic ties.

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