Apr 29, 2024

OKTAGON MMA Take Over 27,000 Seat at Eden Stadium for History Making Event on June 8

Europe’s leading promotion are staging the biggest MMA event in Czech history – OKTAGON 58 – with a record-breaking crowd of over 27,000 set to be in attendance.

On Saturday, June 8, fans of the sport all around the world will have their attention firmly fixed on Eden Stadium (the home of Slavia Prague) for a live spectacle like no other! The biggest stars in OKTAGON MMA will compete for ultimate glory and recognition on an absolutely loaded fight card.

In the main event, Czech superstar, Karlos Vémola, will collide with Slovak hero, Attila Végh, for ‘The Rematch of the Century’. The popular pair first met inside O2 Arena, Prague, five years ago in what was then the largest event in OKTAGON MMA history. Végh knocked out ‘The Terminator’ just over two minutes into their contest in one of the most shocking finishes ever on the continent.

This summer, they will clash once again with the stakes even higher than they were before. Vémola’s light heavyweight title will be up for grabs this time around which Végh is determined to capture in his return to the sport after many years away.

In what is likely to be both men’s final fight, will Vémola be able to gain revenge and walk away on top or can Végh land another punch that will go down in history forever?

Another belt will be on the line in the co-headliner when middleweight king, Patrik Kincl, defends his championship against rising star, Matěj Peňáz. Kincl recently inked a brand-new contract with OKTAGON MMA after being pursued by the biggest promotions in Europe and arguably his most challenging test now awaits him. His adversary, Peňáz, has wowed audiences with his powerful, accurate striking and looks to pick up the biggest win of his career in Eden Stadium.


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Fan favourite and former welterweight champion, David Kozma, returns to competition against the man known as ‘Dracula’, Ion Surdu, and Brazilian ace, ‘Apollo’ Silva, meets Georgian prospect, Amiran Gogoladze. Two quarter-finals in the €1 million Tipsport Gamechanger lightweight tournament also feature on the stacked card with Austria, United Kingdom, Spain, and Poland represented.

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