Oct 06, 2023

Choose Your Future Home Without Stress: Oliversum, The New Real Estate Guide Service

Oliversum, a Czech company specializing in comprehensive financial services, has unveiled its new Real Estate Guide service, offering comprehensive assistance to clients pursuing their dream home.

“We guide you through every step, from consultations during property selection to strategic financing and technical inspections. Oliversum simplifies the complex process, allowing clients to concentrate on finding their ideal home, which can be a really stressful activity for new buyers,” states Josef Fojta, Oliversum’s founder.”

The Real Estate Guide service features three packages catering to different needs.

The Basic package offers essential services like strategic advice and communication with real estate companies.

The Premium package includes a detailed property inspection and legal setup, enhancing the Basic services.

The Exclusive package goes a step further, encompassing technical property inspections and expert advice on advantageous mortgage transfers.

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Fojta emphasizes that the Exclusive package ensures meticulous care, providing confidence in investments while saving time and future financial expenses.


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