Nov 10, 2023

One of the First in the World! Czech Band Released Video Clip Created with AI

TAK CO?, the innovative musical ensemble known for pushing creative boundaries, proudly announces the release of their latest music video for the song “In the Belvedere Hotel.”

The video, a stunning visual masterpiece created by the acclaimed director Petr Salaba utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of noirish aesthetics and cutting-edge technology.

Band member David Hrbek shares insights into the band’s creative journey, stating, “After the success of our classically animated music video ‘Doctor Foltýn is Coming Here’ and the lyric video for ‘Autumn,’ we were eager to explore new artistic horizons.

With ‘In the Belvedere Hotel,’ a song delving into themes of longing and emotional unfulfillment, we sought a fresh perspective. Enter Petr Salaba, who, with his expertise, embraced the challenge and brought our vision to life.”

Director Petr Salaba sheds light on the creative process, saying, “I chose the noirish atmosphere of rain, shadows, and neon, not only because it complements the song but also because AI excels in handling such visual elements. The synthesis of general physical phenomena enhances the emotional depth of the video, providing a unique connection between technology and human sentiment.”

Technologically, Salaba employed a combination of Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Gen 2 tools, pushing the boundaries of AI to synthesize a static image from a text input and infuse it with randomness for dynamic movement.

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Eschewing traditional visual templates and animation techniques, Salaba’s approach mirrors his recent work on the half-hour film “Scalespace,” an exploration of the harmonious interaction between genetics, culture, and technology on different time scales.

“In the Belvedere Hotel” promises to be a visual feast, a seamless convergence of artistry and artificial intelligence, inviting audiences to experience the band’s evocative music in a groundbreaking and visually stunning way.



This press release was generated by artificial intelligence, except for the main news headline and quote. The creators thought it was stylish to release a music video created by AI and at the same time have AI write a press release.

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