May 16, 2024

Open Air Festival ARENA: Get Ready for a Real “Circus Show” This Year!

The ARENA festival will take place from May 24th to June 1st, 2024.

This year the performances will be held on both banks of the Vltava River: in the Erpet Centrum in Prague 5 Smíchov and on the ship Tajemství in Náplavka near Rašínovo nábřeží.

For the first time in the Czech Republic, the French Le P’tit Cirk will present their highly successful production Les Dodos and the company La Frontera will bring their original solo performance Searching for John.

The French group My!Laika will have two of their shows, La Soirée and Winter. After last year’s success, the motorcycle wall of death (Le Mur de la Mort) is again in the program.

The musical climax of the festival will be a concert Blues Brothers by the soloists of the famous Jeremy Winston Chorale in cooperation with the ČNSO (Czech National Symphonic Orchestra) and The Loop Jazz Orchestra. Entrance to the festival area is free of charge.

“This year’s festival program is well mixed and it will be a real circus! For the first time, we managed to bring artists from Le P’tit Cirk to Prague with a poetic show full of acrobatics Les Dodos. The ensemble My!Laika, which some already know from the past, will offer its two latest performances, La Soirée and Winter. The audience can also see, I dare say, one of the most original solo performances of the upcoming circus generation, Searching for John! And the concert with the songs of the legendary Blues Brothers at the end is the icing on the cake of our festival mix this year,” explains Petr Forman, artistic director of the ARENA festival.

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On the ship Tajemství there will be mainly performances by young artists (the structured improvisation Submarine) and performances for children. The later can look forward to puppet shows as well as classic fairy tales, and fans of the Forman Brothers´ Theater will certainly welcome the popular theatrical performance of Aladdin.

“Together with good food and drink, visitors can enjoy the often-forgotten atmosphere of circus pilgrimages not far from the Vltava river and enter the magical world of traveling theatre, new circus and other entertainment,” adds Petr Forman.

Open Air Festival ARENA founded by the Forman Brothers’ Theatre is a showcase of theatre, new circus, music and contemporary performing art. It includes performances produced by the Forman Brothers as well as performances by artists that Petr and Matěj Forman met during their travels around the world.

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