Opencard Ends, Lítačka Expands

Prague is definitely shutting down the scandal-plagued Opencard. Passengers using the red card will lose the opportunity to record coupons for public transport from November. The alternative transit card Lítačka card was launched in March 2016, and both systems have been running side by side. Lítačka will expand with a new website and a new app as Opencard shuts down.

People who have bought a transit coupon on Opencard can continue to use it until the coupon expires. As of Sept. 1, anybody using an Opencard can transfer to Lítačka free of charge.

Some 240,000 Opencards are still in use, according to City Hall. Lítačka is used by about a half million people. Prague has a population of 1.26 million, counting children who ride for free. Central Bohemia has 1.3 million.

Read the full article here (via Prague.TV) 

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