Jul 28, 2023

A Mysterious Appearance of Orange Stones in Prague

The newest Prague mystery is the sudden appearance of orange-colored stones in Náplavka, Riegrovy sady, and Stromovka on Wednesday evening (the 26th of July).

The sprayed stones sparked interest among many as most could not decipher what they were or who they were planted by.

We tried looking for hints as to what the stones represent but found nothing on the stones themselves. However, we received a tip from an expat* who claimed to have found a tag with a QR code on a stone he found in Stromovka (the stone is depicted in the photo).

We received tips from others who found the stones in Náplavka and Riegrovy sady, but we do not have photos.

The QR code leads to the webpage titled prex.cz. Under the logo of an orange pixelated dinosaur, Prex.cz appears to be a company aiming to help and support expats in the Czech Republic.

However, what they do or who they are owned by is not specified on the website. Nevertheless, visitors can
subscribe to be updated with further information, as the website specifies.

Moreover, there is a countdown on the website, leading up to “a happening”. The website does not specify what the happening is, but it is set for the 24th of September this year.

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The header picture on the website appears to depict the Manifesto Market in Anděl, thus leading us to believe the event might be happening there.

Visitors to the website can pre-register for the event.

More intrigue keeps surrounding the stones, seeing that they were already removed the next morning, on the 27th of July.

*The source wished to stay anonymous.

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