Apr 19, 2024

Over 89,000 Trees to be Planted in Prague This Spring

During this spring, the City of Prague Forests (LHMP) will plant more than 89,000 tree seedlings around the city.

Two-thirds of the seedlings will be planted in the southeast of the capital near Dubč, where new stands will be established in two formerly non-forested areas.

The remaining third of the seedlings will be added to trees in existing forests.

Traditionally, oaks and other deciduous tree species suitable for the climatic conditions of Prague predominate in the plantations. Pupils of Prague schools are also involved in the work, helping to establish a forest for future generations.

Almost 64,000 seedlings will take root in two areas in the area of Lítožnice and the Říčanka Nature Park between the towns of Dubeč and Běchovice. In this area, the City has been planting repeatedly over the last few years, gradually turning the area into a mosaic of water bodies, meadows, orchards and forests.

The upcoming spring planting will target several key locations.

The Modřany Gully, impacted by bark beetle infestation, will receive over 3,000 new trees.

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Cholupice will see nearly 4,000 seedlings planted, while the Satalická Obora grazing land will gain over 2,000.

Existing forests throughout the city will benefit from a diverse selection of native species, including 10,000 winter oak, 5,000 forest beech, and thousands more white fir, small-leaved lime, elms, hornbeams, and cherries planted in clearings.

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