Parlor – Ice Cream, Cookies or Both Together

Karlín is a fast-changing area, newly rebuilt after the huge floods in 2002. Therefore the area is well known for many new foodie spots and startups. One can’t really stay updated about all the new spots in Karlín, however, Parlor quickly became famous.

The idea is quite simple. Take two awesome things and put them together. In this case, it’s about ice cream and cookies. In three steps you simply choose one of 9 kinds of cookies, ice cream and the topping you want to put on your ice cream.

I truly enjoy the raw interior (even though there could be a bit more daylight inside) as well as the service, which is always helpful and nice.

My personal favorite so far here was peanut butter cookie with malaga ice cream and fig topping, however, I’ve never been unhappy with any option. In general, I really appreciate all the unusual tastes you can choose. Just to name a few – lemon-poppy seed cookie, oatmeal with banana cookie, carrot cookie, strawberry with Thai basil ice cream and many more.

Even though it’s not really on the crowded tracks, I always find my way there and grab one.

Author: Josef Ševčík. You can find the original article here

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