Oct 06, 2023

Becherovka’s Fate in Limelight: Pernod Ricard Mulls Sale of Czech Liqueur

Prague Morning

Prague Morning

Pernod Ricard SA is exploring a sale of Czech liqueur brand Becherovka, people with knowledge of the matter said, as the French spirits maker considers ways to streamline its portfolio.

Paris-based Pernod is working with Centerview Partners LLC as it seeks to gauge buyer interest in Becherovka, according to the people.

The company is valued at nearly CZK 7 billion, with other international drinks groups seen as the most likely potential buyers, Bloomberg reported.

Becherovka is a herbal liqueur that has been produced in the spa town of Karlovy Vary in the west of the Czech Republic for more than 200 years. It was acquired by Pernod in 1997.

Deliberations are ongoing and there’s no certainty they will result in a transaction, the people said. Representatives for Pernod and Centerview declined to comment.

A potential sale comes as Pernod looks at possible divestments elsewhere its portfolio of more than 240 brands.

The company is also exploring a sale of wines including Australia’s Jacob’s Creek, a person with knowledge of the matter said in September. The company said at the time that it regularly assesses and evaluates strategic opportunities.

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Pernod Chief Executive Officer Alexandre Ricard said in August that the company had seen demand for premium booze fall in the US and China over the summer.


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