Jun 13, 2024

Plan Ahead: L’Étape Czechia Bike Race to Cause Traffic Restrictions on Saturday

The fourth edition of the L’Étape Czech Republic by Tour de France road bike race will take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Organizers anticipate up to 3,500 amateur cyclists participating in this year’s event. The race will start at Prague’s Strahov, and cyclists will journey through Beroun, Kladno, Rakovník, and then return to Prague.

Due to the race, some roads in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region will have restricted traffic.

The race features three routes: the Long route of 130 km starting at 9:30 am, the Medium route of 106 km starting at 10:30 am, and the Short route of 60 km starting at 12:00 pm.

The final rider is expected to cross the finish line at Strahov in Prague by 4:00 pm.

L’Etape by Tour de France is a global race series under the umbrella of Tour de France, geared towards the cycling public, with competitors both local and global.

There will be traffic restrictions in the following streets in Prague:

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Vaníčkova, Atletická, Skokanská, Tomanova, Bělohorská, Ankarská (Vypich intersection), Karlovarská, Slánská, Drnovská, Na Hůrce, Sobín/Sobínka, Zličín, Hrozenkovská – Strojírenská intersection, Strojírenská, Zličín railway crossing, Strojírenská – Engelmullerova intersection, Makovského – Plzeňská intersection, Plzeňská – Kukulova, Kukulova/Roentgenova intersection, Kukulova – Podbělohorská intersection, Podbělohorská/Spiritka intersection, Spiritka – Atletická intersection, Atletická – Běžecká intersection.

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