Dec 19, 2023

Police Launch Intensive Search for Suspect in Prague Double-Homicide

Police are actively pursuing the killer responsible for shooting a two-month-old baby and her 32-year-old father in Klánovické les.

Recent information suggests detectives are searching for a foreigner who may have known the victim.

The tragic incident occurred during a meeting in the forest, ending in cold-blooded murder. Evidence indicates a conflict between the men, leading to multiple gunshots and four fatal head wounds.

The police have created an identikit and are conducting standard criminal procedures, including scene examination and footage analysis, to apprehend the suspect.

A witness, located 200 meters away, attempted resuscitation but couldn’t save the victims. A makeshift memorial has emerged at the crime scene.

“A security search operation is underway in the Klánovický Forest on Tuesday. The right to provide information in the double murder case has been reserved by the Municipal State Prosecutor’s Office in Prague, so we are no longer authorized to provide further information,” the police said on the social network X.

Police spokesman Jan Rybanský also commented to the newspaper on the scene. “At the moment, a security search operation is underway in the Klánovický les (Klánovice Forest), involving 250 police officers. There are officers from the special riot unit, from local departments and also from district directorates.”

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Police also appealed to the public for witnesses, mainly to who were driving around the Klánovický les area on Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. and had their dashboard cameras on.

On Saturday, December 16th, police confirmed a double murder, with one victim being a child. The case was first reported on Friday after gunshots were heard in the forest near Čmelická Street. Police patrols subsequently discovered two lifeless bodies at the scene.

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