Jul 24, 2023

Czech Police Officer Charges for Cocaine Trafficking in Ústí Region

A Czech police officer in Ústí nad Labem region was engaged in illicit drug activities.

The General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GIBS) received reliable information that suggested the officer was trafficking cocaine. This led to a thorough investigation, which revealed that he was selling cocaine with the help of someone from the Ústí region.

The investigation revealed that the implicated dealer purchased a total of 128 grams of cocaine in three separate transactions between November 2021 and April of the following year. He then distributed the drug to various individuals and even provided it for free on occasions.

The police officer was found to have facilitated these sales and even consumed the illegal substance himself.

In April of last year, a joint operation led to the apprehension of both the police officer and the civilian. The search of the dealer’s residence yielded substantial evidence, including CZK 90,000 and EUR 7,800 in cash, as well as around five grams of cocaine.

The severity of their actions prompted the GIBS to initiate criminal proceedings against both individuals, charging them with illegal production, distribution, and handling of narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons.

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The police officer’s alleged offense mainly focuses on drug possession and sales, carrying a potential sentence ranging from one to five years in prison. On the other hand, the civilian’s case involves a more extensive series of illegal acts, potentially leading to a more severe criminal penalty.

The Prague City Prosecutor’s Office is currently evaluating the evidence and is expected to decide on possible charges in the coming weeks.

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