Jan 28, 2024

Prague Airport Awarded the Best Airlines of Last Year

For the third time, Prague Airport has recognized the best airlines for the past year.

The most developing carrier was Ryanair. The Best Performing Airline in terms of traffic was Finnair. The title of the most sustainable carrier was awarded to easyJet.

British Airways received the award for the best marketing campaign in cooperation with Prague Airport. Compared to last year, a new award category has been added, concretely it is the Most Developing Cargo Carrier. This title was presented to Korean Air.

The fastest-growing and most efficient airlines

The award recognising the greatest year-on-year increase in passenger numbers, “Fastest Growing Airline at Prague Airport 2023”, was presented by Prague Airport to the air carrier that achieved the highest year-on-year increase in the total number of transported passengers compared to 2022, and thus contributed the most to the development of flight connections at Václav Havel Airport Prague. The award was presented to Ryanair, the Irish low-cost carrier.

The title of the most efficient carrier in terms of traffic, “Best Performing Airline at Prague Airport 2023”, factors in the key operational indicators, alongside the volume performance of carriers. Only carriers that completed at least 100 aircraft movements from July to December last year were evaluated. This corresponds to traffic of about two flights per week. Finnish carrier Finnair won the title as in the previous year.

Top Sustainable Airline

The “Top Sustainable Airline at Prague Airport 2023” category has three criteria for evaluation: noise and emissions of aircraft operating at Václav Havel Airport Prague and the airlines’ overall approach, commitment, and activities in the area of sustainability.

“We are delighted to once again be recognised by Václav Havel Airport as a leader in sustainability. We are working tirelessly to reduce the impact of our operations and, while there is considerable work to be done, we are making progress every day. Decarbonising the aviation sector will be a significant challenge, but we are seeing a lot of commitment and enthusiasm from across the aviation sector,” said Jane Ashton, Director of Sustainability at easyJet.

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The Best Marketing Campaign

As part of the assessment of the best way of using the marketing support in cooperation with Prague Airport and the “Best Airline Marketing Campaign with Prague Airport 2023” title awarding process, the quality of jointly implemented campaigns in the past year was evaluated by an expert committee.

The expert committee comprised five members who are marketing professionals in the partner tourism agencies of CzechTourism and Prague City Tourism, the Kaspen/Jung von Matt advertising agency, and the Corporate and Airline Marketing departments of Prague Airport. The evaluation included In 2023, British Airways was the airline with the best campaign.

The new category

Compared to last year, the Most Developing Cargo Carrier category has been added to the list of awards. Prague Airport decided to reward the carrier that showed the largest year-on-year increase in air freight transported. The award also serves as a recognition of the growing cooperation in the field of air freight transport and the development of international trade. The award was presented to Korean Air.

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