Feb 05, 2024

Prague Airport Warns of Fraudulent Accounts on Facebook

Fraudulent profiles pretending to be Prague Airport are appearing with increased frequency on Facebook. Fake sites offer lost baggage for sale.

Prague Airport has been monitoring and actively reporting these profiles for a long time. Unfortunately, the company Meta, on whose side it remains to take further steps, does not respond.

We recommend everyone to pay attention to their activity on the Internet and verify the authenticity of visited profiles. Under no circumstances should they share their personal or credit card details.

An unclaimed suitcase is a very rare occurrence at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

If this happens, the handling company transfers it to the airline’s headquarters within three to four days after it is found. Prague Airport hereby declares that it does not sell any lost baggage.

Most European airports have been dealing with the same or similar problems of fraudulent accounts on social networks for several months.

Prague Airport confirms that it has official profiles on social networks, a list of which is provided below:


X (Twitter)




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