Oct 31, 2023

This Winter, Prague Airport Will Offer Flights to 111 Destinations!

Valencia, Keflavík, Bilbao, and Cairo – new destinations, which will help increase winter traffic at Václav Havel Airport Prague by almost a quarter compared to last winter.

Passengers will be able to choose from 111 direct connections. There will also be direct long-haul charter services to exotic destinations such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Cuba.

As many as 46 airlines will operate direct air connections under the winter flight schedule. For the first time in history, winter holiday ski charters to the Turkish resort of Kayseri will be offered.

According to Jiří Vyskoč, Aviation Business Development Executive Director, the winter flight schedule is in line with the strategy of resuming and increasing frequencies.

“Thanks to this trend, we already handled over 11 million passengers by mid-October, and we believe that the new connections will propel further growth. We assume that by 2026 we will be able to return to the pre-Covid-19 figures. The increases during the winter season should also contribute and help us handle more than 15 million passengers next year.”

The development of the conflict in Ukraine will also play its part. Prague Airport is currently missing 14 destinations from Russia and Ukraine, amounting to 10 percent of passengers.

Moreover, brand-new connections will also be on offer this winter season. For example, it will be possible to fly to Bilbao aboard Vueling services twice a week, as well as to Cairo (Smartwings), and Yerevan (Czech Airlines).

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The direct Korean Air long-haul connection to Seoul three times a week and China Airlines to Taipei twice a week, operated since last summer, will remain on offer. Compared to the summer flight schedule, there will also be increases in the frequency of connections on existing routes.

This applies, for example, to Rome, where 16 flights will be added per week. In addition, the carrier will offer 14 weekly flights to Amsterdam, with 12 new weekly flights planned on its route to Paris.

New connections compared to last year’s winter flight schedule:

AGADIR (Eurowings)

BILBAO (Vueling)

BOLOGNA (Ryanair)

CAIRO (Smartwings)

EAST MIDLANDS (Ryanair and Jet2.com)

KEFLAVIK (Icelandair)

SEOUL (Korean Air)

SEVILLA (Ryanair)

TAIPEI (China Airlines)

TIRANA (Ryanair and Wizz Air)

VALENCIA (Smartwings)

YEREVAN (Czech Airlines)

KAYSERI (Smartwings for Čedok Travel Agency)

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