Feb 01, 2024

Prague Bridge Revolution: Exciting Transformations Await!

Prague has long overlooked its bridges, but a significant change is on the horizon. Three iconic bridges are gearing up for makeovers, promising a fresh outlook for the city. What’s in store?


Libeňský Most/Libeň Bridge

The eagerly awaited reconstruction of Libeňský most is now set in stone, with repairs scheduled to start in 2026. Only the pillars will remain, as the rest undergoes a transformation based on Pavel Janák’s original design.

The bridge, facing the strain of heavy traffic due to subpar materials in its initial construction, will be revitalized with modern amenities and sturdier materials.


Železniční Most/Railway Bridge

Insufficient capacity and a near-disastrous state have prompted the makeover of the iconic Railway Bridge. The initially contested design, deemed incompatible with Prague’s picturesque skyline, has been replaced with a new bronze concept.

Alongside three railway tracks, the revamped bridge will feature a cycling path and a new train stop, Prague – Výtoň. Meanwhile, the old Railway Bridge will find a new home in Modřany.


Dvorecký Most/Dvorecký Bridge

Set to connect Smíchov and Podolí neighborhoods next year, Dvorecký most will cater to pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and trams, alleviating Prague’s traffic congestion.

Private cars, with the exception of ambulances, police forces, and firefighters, will be restricted. The area surrounding Dvorecký most will be adorned with global lamps, a climbing wall, and a picnic area. Interestingly, Dvorecký most might not be its official name, as rumors hint at it being named after a notable woman. Any guesses?


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