Jul 31, 2023

Take a Look at the Future Prague-Bubny Station: Set to be Completed Within Two Years

The Railway Administration recently unveiled visualizations of the upcoming Prague-Bubny railway station, set to be completed within two years.

The station will be an essential component of a new district that is planned for the area. By 2025, the new station building will be fully constructed.

Looking further ahead, Bubny has grand plans for the future, envisioning a substantial district development by 2040, which will also include a new railway line connecting the area.

However, before the district comes into existence, the focus is on the timely completion of the Prague-Bubny station, and construction has already commenced this year. The Railway Administration released new visualizations, demonstrating the progress made.

Jiří Svoboda, the director general of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, provided updates on the station’s development, assuring that construction is proceeding smoothly and according to plan.

Presently, construction workers are diligently working on the station’s foundation, employing various techniques like drilling and laying concrete.

The modern and architecturally designed station by Jakub Cigler aims to enhance accessibility, fostering better connectivity with the city and facilitating seamless transfers to the metro and tram services.

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Apart from the station, there will be significant upgrades to the railway infrastructure. Specifically, the Prague-Bubny section will be equipped with a new fully electrified double-track line, replacing the existing single-track line.

Moreover, the current Praha-Bubny station will be relocated closer to the Vltavská station, allowing direct transfers to metro and tram line C. Additionally, a part of the line, predominantly on a flyover, is nearing operational readiness.

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