Apr 08, 2024

Prague Celebrates International Romani Day With Live Music

Monday, April 8th, is International Roma Day. It draws attention to discrimination directed at Roma communities globally and calls for the human rights of all to be respected and observed.

International Roma Day was established in 1990, but it is one of the few festivals shared by the Roma population the world over.

Celebrations of this important day are also held in the Czech Republic every year, accompanied by a rich cultural program.

In Brno, several organizations have joined together this year as they have in years past to organize the “Days of Romani Culture”, and celebrations will also take place in other cities such as Mělník, Jihlava, Ostrava, Plzeň, Nový Jičín, Breclav, and others.

The main event in Prague takes place today. At 19:30 the gates of the ARCHA+ will open for the traditional gala evening.

This year’s theme is Romaissance: the Future of Roma Art and Culture.

“Romaissance” is a corruption of the word “reneissance”, i.e., “renaissance” (Czech for “revival”, “rebirth”), which refers to the historical period at the beginning of the modern era, when the man stood at the center of the action – as a free, educated and independent being. A person who turns to his or her roots in order to find strength and inspiration for further, new paths,” David Tišer, the director of the gala and director of the organizing organization Ara Art, explained to news server Romea.cz.

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“We see the future of Romani art and culture as a confident step into the ‘new age’ of our nation, along paths that begin with our cultural traditions but lead on to a future in which we have an irreplaceable place. Not only we, as a Romani society, but also as a valuable part of the wider community to which we belong,” Tišer added.

The gala evening will feature many interesting musical personalities, such as Igor Kmet’o, Marssel Bendig, the Bikarova and Matiova sisters, Petra Gelbart, Gitana, Vanesa Horáková, Natálie Kuchárová, Marta Balážová and others.

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