Feb 06, 2024

Prague City Allocates Additional CZK 20 Million to Support Ukrainian Integration Efforts

At Monday’s meeting, the City Council approved the “Program of Support for Activities of Integration of Foreign Nationals in the City of Prague” (PCH) for 2024, specifically targeting Ukraine.

A total of CZK 20 million is allocated to the program, available for application by non-profit organizations and other entities.

The program aims to bolster the social sector, housing, outreach services, and awareness-raising initiatives.

The various programs aimed at aiding refugees from Ukraine focus on enhancing conditions for their integration into Prague’s community, including educational opportunities.

They also seek to foster communication between foreigners and local residents, increase cultural, artistic, social, and educational activities, and improve mutual coexistence.

“We can address a significant portion of the Ukrainian refugee agenda within the capital using our own resources. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have collaborated with the professional non-profit sector to alleviate the challenges associated with their temporary residence. With these funds, we can sustain our efforts in adaptation, integration, and social cohesion,” stated Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09), Deputy Mayor of Prague for Culture.

Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda (ODS) emphasized, “The safety of residents and visitors in the metropolis is a top priority for the Prague administration, regardless of nationality. Hence, we will persist in safeguarding all individuals residing or visiting the capital.”

The new integration program for foreigners aims to support activities related to the adaptation and integration of Ukrainian refugees across various specific areas.

“Specifically, these include social services, housing (settlement and related field services), intercultural work, mental health, and awareness-raising initiatives for the target group,” added spokesperson Hofman.

Non-profit organizations and other entities can submit grant applications from March 8 to 13, with the application available on the city’s official website.

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