Apr 05, 2024

Prague City to Fund Florenc Metro and Dvorecký Bridge Artworks

The Prague City Council will grant CZK 34 million to the Municipal Gallery of Prague for two works of art to be created in the vestibule of the Florenc metro station and under the new Dvorecký bridge between Prague 4 and Prague 5.

The Synapse light installation in Florenc by Jana Poše will cost around CZK 18 million, while the entire work on the Dvorecký Bridge will cost the city around CZK 16 million.

The luminous work Synopsis won a competition organized by the Prague City Gallery and the Prague Transport Company. It will be created in the passageway linking the north and south vestibules of the Florenc C metro station.

The installation on the front wall of the underpass will record the movement of passengers and expand the existing mosaic of the Battle of Sokolovo. At the same time, the transport company is repairing the ceiling structure above the station vestibule due to corrosion at Florenc.

“The Florenc metro station, which is currently undergoing extensive modernization, will not only be repaired but also illuminated by a new work of art. It’s important that the metro concourse is not only technically functional but also beautiful to look at. This work follows on from the iconic clock sculpture in front of the metro station, which we successfully restored last year. We strive to ensure the long-term return of works of art to public space,” said Zdeněk Hřib (Pirates), deputy mayor in charge of transport.


The construction of the Dvorecký Bridge began in September 2022, and the construction for about CZK 1.1 billion should be completed in the second half of next year.

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The area under the bridge will feature several artworks including a concrete neo-Cubist sculpture, an industrial chandelier magnification, and an installation with 120 public lights from around the world.

Several years ago, Prague introduced the Art for the City program, which was set up to revitalize the public space, to re-establish public contact with contemporary art, and to provide a space for artists’ self-realization.

The works will be owned by the capital city, and the program is sponsored by the GHMP.

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