Aug 13, 2023

Prague Harley Days and Burgerfest: A Weekend Packed with Action, Food, and Culture

Excitement is growing as Prague Harley Days makes a return, teaming up once again this year with the popular Burgerfest to deliver an unforgettable weekend from September 1-3 at the Prague Exhibition Center (Výstaviště Praha).

As one of Europe’s largest gatherings for freedom enthusiasts and Harley-Davidson aficionados, this unique occasion will offer a delectable fusion of American cuisine and entertainment.

Over the span of three days, attendees can partake in a mesmerizing motorcycle parade coursing through Prague’s city center, marvel at adrenaline-pumping FMX spectacles, and groove to invigorating live music. Gastronomic pleasures abound with sizzling barbeque showcases, sizzling BBQ displays, and a remarkable array of burgers and American culinary delights.

120 Years of Harley-Davidson: A Landmark in the Brand’s Legacy

This year’s Prague Harley Days commemorates the 120th anniversary of Harley-Davidson, and the event guarantees an even more spectacular program than ever before. Highlights comprise a parade through the Prague city center, a bike exhibition, and test rides of the latest models.

The Harley-Davidson story

In 1903, out of a small shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, four young men lit a cultural wildfire that would grow and spread across geographies and generations. Their innovation and imagination for what was possible on two wheels sparked a transportation revolution and lifestyle that would make Harley-Davidson the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world.

Burgerfest: A Gastronomic Feast

Now in its 12th iteration, Burgerfest proudly presents a remarkable selection of BBQ specialties and top-tier burgers, crafted by grill virtuosos from across Europe.

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Beyond the culinary delight, the program includes stand-up comedy gigs, concerts, culinary workshops and exhibitions, along with an area tailored for children in the Family Zone.

The entrance fee is 250 CZK. You will then be entitled to enter the festival area on both days. It is free to enter for children under 120cm, and those who are disabled. The festival area is open from 10.00 to 23.00 in the evening on Saturday, and from 10.00 to 20.00 on Sunday.

Adrenalin & FMX Show: Dazzling Feats and Exhilaration

Another apex of the weekend is the Adrenalin & FMX Show, where stunt riders showcase jaw-dropping jumps, flips, and maneuvers. The show guarantees indelible moments filled with excitement, velocity, and acrobatic displays in the American tradition.

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