Jul 09, 2024

Prague Has Finally Taken Action to Ban the Use of Animals for Begging

People begging for money with a litter of kittens sleeping in their lap or a forlorn-looking dog lying on the ground beside them are a common sight in Prague streets, but could soon become a thing of the past if a proposed change to the law is accepted.

People have been fooled by this trick, resulting in more and more animals being kept on the streets in harsh weather conditions, which harms their health and well-being.

This problem is growing, especially in larger cities, and often involves foreigners, particularly Romanian gangs.

“These people get animals and force them to stay in the hot city center for days without being able to move properly,” explains Pavel Buršík from OBRAZ (Obránci zvířat).

Fortunately, these practices might soon end, as Prague City is preparing changes to the rules that restrict begging. If everything goes as planned, begging with an animal and public performances involving animals will be banned throughout the capital.

Councilors will vote on the proposals, and municipal districts can comment on them until tomorrow. According to Jiří Pospíšil, the deputy mayor of Prague who initiated the changes, the new rules could take effect next year.

He noted that the proposals had not encountered major issues during the comment period.

However, there is still a risk that the proposals will not pass the Ministry of Interior, which could stop the whole process, as it has the power to suspend the decree and go to court. According to a ministerial document available on Seznam Zprávy, the proposals are seen as interfering with the rights of beggars. The ministry also argues that the animals do not need such protection.

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“It is a matter of legal debate, which we will still have. Something that seems innocent can have an impact on legal issues,” states Jiří Pospíšil.

The association “Běhejme a Pomáhejme Utulkům” has created a petition urging politicians to accept the changes. Petr Sokolík, the author of the petition, has already gathered more than 14,000 signatures.

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