Apr 26, 2024

Prague International Marathon Offers a Last Chance for Olympic Qualification

The Prague International Marathon is one of the final opportunities for athletes to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

It’s no wonder that the elite start list for the race includes athletes from several countries looking for a chance to qualify for Paris. While everyone is wondering who the men’s and women’s winners will be, this year The Prague International Marathon is about much more, it’s about athletes looking to fulfill their Olympic dream.

Among the participants, we will see runners from China, Brazil, Mongolia, Peru, Jordan, Ecuador, and India, as well as from Portugal and Bulgaria. Most of these countries have set the standard at 2:08:10 for men and 2:26:30 for women.

A maximum of 3 places are available per country, and it will vary according to existing qualifiers in each, but there will still be places up for grabs!

China is sending 2 athletes to Prague, runners from Brazil also have high hopes in Wendell Souza and Grazi Zarri, who will be striving to achieve Olympic qualification (after all, the well-known runner Paulo Paula qualified for the Rio Olympics in Prague Marathon 2016).

Grazi Zarri could become the first Brazilian woman to represent her country in the marathon at the Olympic Games. Paola Bonilla from Ecuador and Ferdinan Cereceda Rodriguez from Peru are also taking part and hope to perform well.

Other countries with representatives seeking Olympic places include India and Mongolia. Moath Alkhawaldeh from Jordan will be – the latter, due to their federation rules, only needing to surpass the 2:17 mark to qualify. In addition, Portuguese runners Jesus Solange and Ana Mafalda Ferreira will also come to Prague to fight for their Olympic dream.

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Czech fans are already pleased to know that Tereza Hrochová and Moira Stewartová have qualified for the Olympics, and while the Czech men need to improve quite a bit to do the same, the Czech Marathon championship, which is part of the Prague Marathon, is a still a very highly valued race. Set at 2:08 the Olympic standard is a tough challenge for the Czech men.

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