Dec 25, 2023

Prague Launches Annual Sports Week

Prague has launched the Sports Week (Týden sportu zdarma) project under which residents have free access to sports facilities.

Headed by the Mayor of Prague Bohuslav Svoboda, city authorities noted that residents can choose different offers from sports clubs and venues that will be available in the last week of the year.

Among the disciplines traditionally available are badminton, squash, beach volleyball, floorball, big and table tennis, football, swimming, fitness, climbing, hockey and others.

Councilor for Education and sports noted that “Prague has prepared a small Christmas present for all sports enthusiasts in the form of a week of sports in all kinds of sports venues, completely free of charge.”

He pointed out that it offers an opportunity to try a new sport, get back in shape after Christmas feasts and be more physically active, calling on the residents to take advantage of the offers.

More than 30 sports venues have registered for the project thus far, with city authorities stressing that more venues can still apply. Last year, 47 venues took part in the project and allowed residents to try out more than 60 sports.

Prague stressed that tens of thousands of residents took advantage of the offers in recent years, noting that venues offer less common activities and sports including minigolf, climbing, hockey, and more.

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City authorities pointed out that the project is implemented in cooperation with clubs and venues, and concluded that details are available at the official website.

The list of available sports centres and their opening hours are gradually updated on the official website of the campaign at this link. Pre-booking is required to participate in some of them.

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