Mar 09, 2024

Prague Metro Line C Partially Closed This Weekend for Repairs

The Prague Public Transport Company (DPP) is closing a section of the busy Metro Line C from Saturday, March 9th, to Sunday, March 10th, 2024, for essential ceiling repairs at Florenc station.

Journeys between I. P. Pavlova and Nádraží Holešovice stations will be disrupted.

This closure is necessary to replace the ceiling slab above the Florenc station vestibule, a project that began approximately two years ago.

“The initial phase involves demolishing the existing concrete slab under the intersection of Ke Štvanici and Křižíkova streets,” explained the DPP.

“This will be followed by the construction of a load-bearing steel ceiling structure and the pouring of a new concrete slab above it.”

The weight of the concrete blocks being removed necessitates the closure of surrounding stations for safety reasons.

Alternative Transportation Options

During the closure, an alternative bus service, designated XC, will operate on the route I. P. Pavlova – Muzeum – Hlavní nádraží – Florenc – Vltavská – Nádraží Holešovice.

Passengers can also utilize tram line 36 as an alternative. Tram 36 runs on the route Zvonařka – I. P. Pavlova – Karlovo náměstí – Václavské náměstí – Masarykovo nádraží – Florenc – Křižíkova – Invalidovna – Palmovka – Bulovka – Kobylisy – Vozovna Kobylisy.

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