May 04, 2024

Prague Swimming Pools Open Early Amidst Sunny Weather

Prague’s recent heatwave has prompted several swimming pools to open their doors a month earlier than usual, attracting eager swimmers to Biotop Radotín, Žluté Lázně, and Petynka pool.

While some social media comments suggest the water is still cold (ranging from 12°C to 20°C), the benefit of fewer crowds seems to outweigh the initial chill.

Petynka pool kicked off its season on May Day with several improvements, including a renovated 103-meter waterslide and a new parking system designed to ease congestion during peak hours.

Meanwhile, Biotop Radotín is operating only from noon to 6 pm. The full operation, including morning swimming, is planned from May 13th onwards.

Below you can find a list of top 7 places for swimming in Prague. The list contains both outdoor swimming pools and premises as well as indoor swimming facilities you can visit on a hot day.

  • Podolí swimming pool 
  • Address: Podolská 74, 140 00 Prague 4
  • Opening hours: daily 6-21:45
  • Website


  • Divoká Šárka swimming pool 
  • Address: Divoká Šárka 8/2, 164 00 Prague 6
  • Opening hours: daily 8-21
  • Website


  • Petynka swimming pool
  • Address: Otevřená 1072/4, 169 00 Prague 6
  • Opening hours: Daily 7-21
  • Website
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  • Hostivař reservoire
  • Address: K Jezeru 1, 100 00 Prague 10
  • Opening hours: Daily 9-22
  • Website


  • Džban reservoir
  • Address: Nad lávkou 5, 160 00 Prague 6
  • Opening hours: Daily 9-21


  • SK Motorlet Praha
  • Address: Radlická 298/150, 150 00 Prague 5
  • Opening hours: Opening hours different every day. Check on the website!
  • Website


  • Biotop Radotín swimming-baths 
  • Address: K Lázním 9, 153 00 Prague 5
  • Opening hours: Daily 9-20
  • Website

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