Jun 19, 2024

Prague to Host 2026 Children and Youth Olympics for the First Time

Representatives from Prague and the Czech Olympic Committee (COC) announced on Tuesday that the city will host the Children and Youth Olympics in 2026.

This event will be held in the capital for the first time and is expected to attract up to 4,500 young athletes from across the Czech Republic. The opening ceremony will take place at the Slavia Prague football stadium in Vršovice.

“Our collaboration with Prague universities will ensure we have the necessary facilities. I am pleased that SK Slavia Praha is also involved, offering its sports facilities for the event,” said Prague Councillor for Education, Sport, and Leisure, Antonín Klecanda.

On April 8, the Prague City Council approved the application to host the XII Summer Olympiad of Children and Youth of the Czech Republic in 2026.

The event will run from Sunday, June 21, to Friday, June 26, 2026. The first day will include the arrival of teams, accommodation arrangements, and the opening ceremony. The following four days will feature sports competitions, concluding with the closing ceremony on June 25. Teams will depart on the final day.

The specific sports disciplines will be finalized after discussions with various sports associations.

The opening ceremony will be held at the Slavia Prague football stadium, and many competitions will take place at the Vršovice sports complex.

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A memorandum of cooperation will be signed with Prague universities to provide facilities, including accommodation in university halls and selected sports venues. Up to 4,500 young athletes from all Czech regions are expected to participate.

The Children and Youth Olympics is a national competition of regional teams, held annually since 2003. It is designed for young athletes aged 12 to 16 in various categories.

The event mimics the atmosphere of the real Olympic Games, complete with the lighting of the Olympic flame, ceremonies, living in the Olympic Village, and taking the Olympic oath.

Many successful athletes, such as Ester Ledecká and Josef Dostál, have participated in past Youth Olympics.

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