Jan 31, 2024

Prague to Implement Smart Anti-Collision System on New Trams

The forthcoming Škoda ForCity Plus Praha 52T trams are set to revolutionize Prague’s public transportation.

Passengers can anticipate a range of new features, including an invisible yet vital one—a smart anti-collision system controlled by the cutting-edge Škoda supercomputer, HYPEX.

The trams boast a sleek, five-cell, completely low-floor design, marking a significant advancement in Prague’s public transit.

A team of designers from Škoda Group has introduced a host of innovations, such as an automatic passenger counting system, making the new trams a welcome addition to the city’s transportation landscape.

Smart Anti-Collision System

Among the novel features, the trams will be equipped with an advanced anti-collision system designed to monitor the area in front of the tram, alerting the driver to any potential obstacles.

If the driver fails to respond, the system, overseen by the Škoda supercomputer HYPEX, will automatically bring the tram to a halt.

This intelligent system employs dual LIDAR technology and HD cameras, combined with precise localization using offline recorded HD maps. The result is a virtual driving tunnel ensuring accurate obstacle detection, early warnings, minimal false positives, and timely activation of the emergency brake.

Enhancing Safety

The anti-collision system, utilizing LIDAR technology for 3D mapping within a range of 100 to 150 meters, aims to prevent major accidents and reduce damage to health and vehicles.

This innovation has been successfully tested in Finland, highlighting its potential to significantly enhance safety in Prague’s public transport system.

Future Developments

Škoda is actively collaborating with PPF Group to develop the first autonomous tram, slated for trial operation on the closed ring road in Pilsen in the coming years.

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