May 07, 2024

Prague Unlocked: Explore 115 Buildings During “Open House Festival”

Get ready to explore Prague like never before! The 10th-anniversary edition of the Open House Praha takes place from May 13th to 19th, 2024.

During the week, a variety of exciting events will be held. But the real highlight arrives on the weekend (May 18th & 19th) when over 115 buildings and spaces across the city will open their doors to the public – completely free of charge!

A full list of participating locations can be found on the official website

This year, Open House Praha will pay tribute to several important Czech architects whose anniversaries fall in 2024. Visitors can expect to explore buildings designed by the likes of Josef Fuchs, Oldřich Tyl, Adolf Benš, Josef Fanta, Jan Gillar, and Karel Hubáček.

The festival features over 35 new buildings in the program across 13 districts.

The list includes the former restaurant of the Štvanice Winter Stadium by Josef Fuchs, the Bílá Elementary School and Nursery School, the Fanta Building at the main railway station, the Škoda Works Palace, now the seat of the Prague City Hall, the Neo-Renaissance Old Town Market Hall on Rytířská Street, the palace of the Municipal Insurance Company on Old Town Square and many more.

You can find the full list here.

Tours in English

While tours in most buildings take place only in Czech, there are a number of buildings that offer tours in English.

These include for example the Great Strahov Stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in the world; ARA Palace, a gem of functionalist architecture from 1931 where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views from the terrace; Sokol Gymnasium in Vinohrady, the biggest Sokol gym in the world that went through many hardships in the 20th century; Laichter House, designed by famous Czech architect Jan Kotěra for Jan Laichter, the owner of a publishing house; or the Clubhouse of the Autoclub of the Czech Republic, the seat of the first Czech automobile club with spectacular interiors.

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More buildings that offer English tours include for example the Old Town Market Hall, Škoda Works Palace, or Terminal 4 at Václav Havel Airport. English tours take place throughout the weekend at fixed hours.

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