Oct 18, 2023

October 31: Prague’s Baroque Vrtba Garden to Light Up

Twice a year Prague’s high-Baroque Vrtba garden, located on the slope of Petřín Hill, and dating to the 18th century, opens to the public for a “special evening of lights” that sees its stunning grounds illuminated from 5 pm to 9 pm.

The garden, designed by František Maxmilián Kaňka for Jan Josef, Count of Vrtba, is one of four Baroque gardens in the Czech capital (the others are Vratislav, Schönborn, and Lobkowicz) and is considered “the most charming garden of its type north of the Alps.”

A fresco by Václav Vavřinec Reiner adorns the sala terrena and the gloriette viewpoint offers a complete panorama of the garden as well as vistas of Prague Castle, St. Nicholas, Malá Strana, and the whole of the city.

Entry to the terraced Italian garden is through Vrtba Palace from Karmelitská street. The garden cuts into the Petřín slope and stretches from the courtyard of the palace to the southwest.

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This Italian-style terraced garden is one of the most beautiful Baroque gardens in Central Europe and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Vrtba Garden underwent a complete renovation between 1990-1998 and became a popular venue for weddings and other garden parties.

The entrance fee is 120 CZK for adults.

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