May 13, 2024

Prague’s Iconic Máj Department Store to Open on June 20

The historic Máj department store, undergoing reconstruction since July 2022, is set to unveil its new look to the public on Thursday, June 20th.

The revamped Máj won’t just be a shopping destination. It will offer a diverse mix of shops, restaurants, cafes with scenic views, and an entertainment space.

The building’s facade will be adorned with an artwork by Czech sculptor David Černý, adding a touch of artistic flair to the modern design. Construction is nearing completion, with work currently focused on fitting out individual shops and creating a spectacular “crystal sky” arcade alongside a sleek white escalator hall.

The first basement level will host a brand-new Tesco store. The ground and first floors will cater to restaurants, cafes, florists, accessories, drugstores, and more.

Food lovers can find a food hall boasting around 750 seats and a variety of fast-food and classic eateries, including Popeyes, Burger King, and Banh Mi, alongside Prima Bastion, Misushi, and Amerikanos.

The previously underutilized upper floors are being transformed into spaces for entertainment, culture, and education, offering something for everyone.

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Máj was built in 1973 as the second department store in the Czech Republic and has been a traditional shopping destination since then.

It was designed by Miroslav Masák, John Eisler and Martin Rajniš from the Liberec studio SIAL. In 2006, the Ministry of Culture declared it a cultural monument.


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