Jun 07, 2024

Prague Streets Will Come Alive This Weekend With Art Festival

Prague Music Festival (‘Praha Žije Hudbou’) will take place between the 7th and 8th of June.

200 musicians will take part in the ninth year of the street art festival, playing in the streets, squares, and parks of Prague.

Praha Žije Hudbou is a multigenre street art festival whose aim is to present street art to the public and support the idea of busking.

More than 120 artists and such names as Ben Cristovao, Igor Orozovich, Michal Horák, Jiří Schmitzer and Marsell Bendig with Lucie Bikarova will perform at more than 20 venues on the streets.

You can also look forward to the Brass Avenue brass showband, the modern Roma band Le Chhavendar, the experimental string quartet BBQ, the digital singer-songwriter Mat213, the talented Rodan and the Latin American rhythms served up by the Cumbia Cooperativa. Dozens of buskers will also join in.

This unique live experience is part of a long-term effort to support live art in public spaces. Praha žije hudbou goes by a simple mantra: Art belongs in the streets.


Busking does not include just music acts, but is any street performance, from music to magic, theatre to dance. Passers-by usually toss a voluntary contribution into their favourite performer’s hat.

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Even though the artists at the festival do not charge for the public to watch and listen to their performances, they will surely appreciate your support!

The entire program is free, listeners can reward musicians with voluntary contributions to the hat.

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