Dec 13, 2023

Pražská Teplárenská to Increase Heating Prices by Six Percent

Customers of Pražská Teplárenská, a heating company controlled by the Veolia group, have recently received letters indicating that heating prices will increase by six percent in the new year.

According to the company, they strive to keep heating prices at a lower level; however, they must consider the development of fuel costs, emission permit prices, increasing operating and maintenance costs, and the high inflation rate.

One reader, surprised by the justification, pointed out that this year, the price of gas, which Pražská Teplárenská uses during peak times, has significantly decreased.

He complained that over the past two years, the cost of heating in Prague has risen by half.

Pavel Maďar from Pražská Teplárenská told Novinky that the production of heat for Prague depends only slightly on gas, accounting for about 2.5 percent of total supplies.

The reduction in the price of gas has only a partial impact on the overall price formation of Pražská Teplárenská, which was reflected in a slight decrease in the variable component of the price for 2024.

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However, a significant increase in other costs has led to an average price increase of six percent.

In contrast, the company Teplo pro Prahu will maintain this year’s price in some locations, according to Miroslav Vránek from Pražská plynárenská, and it will even slightly decrease in some places.

However, in areas where it buys heat from Pražská teplárenská, it must respect their price lists.

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