Mar 28, 2024

Rail Service Between Prague, Kosice and Ukrainian Town of Chop Launched

The Czech railway operator RegioJet performed its first trip on the Prague-Chop route.

The overnight train from Prague with 120 passengers on board arrived at the Chop station on schedule at 10:35 Kyiv time, the railway operator’s press service reported on Thursday.

As reported, from March 27, RegioJet is launching a second line to Ukraine through Slovakia to Chop in addition to the existing one through the Polish Przemysl.

The route has three carriages with 140 seats, which travel as part of the Prague-Kosice train. Ticket prices range from EUR 18.9 to EUR 67.9 including meals.

The night train Prague-Chop departs from Prague (the Czech Republic) at 21:52, from Kosice (Slovakia) at 06:38 am and arrives in Chop at 10:35. In the opposite direction, departure from Chop is at 17:35, from Kosice at 21:37, and arrival in Prague at 05:46 the next day.

JSC Ukrzaliznytsia is launching a special transfer train No. 345/346 Chernivtsi-Chop-Uzhgorod, which will connect with the new international route Prague-Chop.

Transfer train No. 345/346 Chernivtsi-Chop-Uzhgorod will depart from Chernivtsi daily at 05:30, proceed through Ivano-Frankivsk (08:13-08:27), Stryi (11:20-11:50), Mukachevo (15 :13-15:18), Chop (16:28-16:57), arrive in Uzhgorod at 17:20.

In the opposite direction, departure from Uzhgorod is at 11:05, then Chop (11:28-12:03), Mukachevo (13:00-13:10), Stryi (16:15-16:40), Ivano-Frankivsk (19:22-19:27), and arrival in Chernivtsi at 21:32.

The train stops are provided at the stations of Batevo, Karpaty, Svaliava, Volovets, Slavske, Skole, Morshyn, Bolekhov, Dolyna, Rozhniatov, Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Kolomyia.

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