Oct 11, 2023

30 Years of Rammstein: Legendary German Rock Band to Perform in Prague Next Year

Legendary German rock band Rammstein, renowned for their jaw-dropping stage performances and stunning pyrotechnics, is gearing up for a global tour in 2024.

Taking center stage at Letňany Airport in Prague on May 11, 2024, the band is set to deliver a show that will leave audiences awestruck.

Official ticket sales will kick off on October 18, 2023, at 11 am CET. Detailed information and ticket purchase links can be found exclusively on the official Rammstein website.

A special pre-sale opportunity is being extended to members of the Rammstein fan club “LIFAD.” Starting from October 16, 2023, at 11 am CET, and concluding on October 17, 2023, at 11 am CET, LIFAD members will have the chance to secure their seats before the general public.

Each LIFAD member is eligible to purchase a maximum of six tickets per concert. However, due to limited ticket availability, successful purchase cannot be guaranteed for all members.

Rammstein emphasizes the importance of purchasing tickets exclusively from authorized outlets to avoid potential scams.

The band released their eight studio album Zeit (Universal) on April 29. The record peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart.

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The album topped the charts in several countries, including the band’s native Germany.

Tour 2024

11.05.2024 Czechia, Prague, Airport Letňany
15.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
16.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
24.05.2024 Serbia, Belgrade, Ušće Park
30.05.2024 Greece, Athens, to be announced soon
05.06.2024 Spain, San Sebastián, Estadio Anoeta
08.06.2024 France, Marseille, Orange Vélodrome
11.06.2024 Spain, Barcelona, Estadi Olímpic
15.06.2024 France, Lyon, Groupama Stadium
18.06.2024 Netherlands, Nijmegen, Goffertpark
23.06.2024 Ireland, Dublin, RDS Arena
27.06.2024 Belgium, Ostend, Park Nieuwe Koers
05.07.2024 Denmark, Copenhagen, Valbyparken
17.07.2024 Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
18.07.2024 Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
21.07.2024 Italy, Reggio Emilia, RCF Arena (Campovolo)
26.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
27.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena

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