Feb 21, 2024

Ready to Groove? Prague’s Spectaculare Festival Opens Its Doors!

The 11th edition of the Spectaculare Festival kicks off this Friday, transforming Prague into a playground for music lovers.

Curated by Josef Sedloň, the festival features everything from quiet, relaxing sounds to high-energy beats, all brought to life with cool visuals.

From cozy churches to bumping clubs, different spots around the city will be filled with music from February 23rd to March 28th. Here are some of the coolest things happening:

Start with a Bang:

Lose yourself in the beautiful music of “Colours of Air” by Loscil & Lawrence English at the Church of St. Simon and Jude. Stunning pictures and a laser show made just for the event will kick off the festival in an unforgettable way.

Electronic Beats:

Head to Bike Jesus to hear the mind-blowing sounds of British producers. You’ll hear Clark playing his new album “Cave Dog” (released on 1st December) along with his latest hits, and DJ Counselling will spin some chill house music. The mysterious Holy Other will round out the night with his unique style.

Jazz Meets Electronica

Get ready for a mix of jazz and electronic music at Akropolis. The Danish duo Svaneborg Kardyb will show off their awesome new work, and Berlin’s Conic Rose will blend rock, electronic music, and jazz in a fresh way. Both concerts will have special visuals to make it even more exciting.

Find Your Inner Peace

Escape the usual at the Garden of Eden inside Gabriel Loci. French musician Sylvain Chauveau and his group will take you on a calming journey with their quiet music played on real instruments.

Celebrate Piano Day

Join the worldwide celebration of the piano at the Klementinum’s Mirror Chapel. British composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres will play alongside local musicians Mikoláš Růžička and Mikuláš Tichý, showing off the piano’s many possibilities.

More Than Just Concerts

There’s lots more to do than just listen to music! Learn new things at workshops led by artists like Floex and Sieren, or pick up music marketing tips from Dan Neighbour. At the Bio Oko cinema, you can watch cool movies, including one about Nick Cave’s early years and documentaries about famous bands like Can, Rema Rema, and Swans.

See Art Come Alive

On March 13th, head to the Portheim Gallery and see how light and music work together. There will be cool installations where music or your movements make amazing light displays, blurring the lines between art and other things.

Although concerts are the heart of the festival, Spectacular offers a complete experience. Check out the workshops, film screenings, and art exhibitions to treat all your senses.

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