Mar 16, 2024

RegioJet Launches New Train Route from Prague to Ukraine’s Chop

Czech private railway operator RegioJet has announced the launch of a brand new train route connecting Prague, Czech Republic, with Chop, Ukraine.

The service kicks off on Wednesday, March 27th, but passengers can already secure their tickets.

This new line serves as an alternative to the existing route linking Prague with the Polish border town of Przemysl.

According to, a key advantage lies in the smooth border crossing between Slovakia and Ukraine. Unlike buses, this train route avoids longer wait times.

RegioJet’s owner, Radim Jančura, revealed that the Chop-Prague route will consist of three cars with 140 seats, including 80 in sleeper cars and 60 in seated cars.

RegioJet will collaborate with Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia) on this new service. Plans are underway to extend the line further to Mukachevo, a city in the Transcarpathian region.

The new connection complements RegioJet’s existing Prague-Košice route. Passengers can choose between comfortable sleeper cars and regular seating.

The ticket price encompasses both breakfast and dinner, offering excellent value. Prices start from 459 CZK for a seat and 740 CZK for a sleeper berth.

RegioJet will not be the only operator of passenger trains on 1435-mm-gauge lines to Ukraine.

Slovakia’s national operator ZSSK operates a twice-daily service to Chop and Mukachevo, while Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) operates up to eight pairs of trains per day from Záhony to Chop.

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