Dec 27, 2023

Renovation of Smíchov Train Station to Start Beginning of Next Year

The rail station in Smíchov will undergo a transformation to make it into a 21st-century transportation hub.

The project should begin at the start of next year and cost over CZK 4 billion, a spokesperson for the Railway Administration said on Wednesday.

All the station’s tracks and platforms will be renovated, while underpasses will be rebuilt and extended beneath the entire station, officials said. New lifts will also be installed.

When completed, it will connect with an intercity bus terminal as well as the existing Smíchovské nádraží metro stop and tram lines. The nearby intercity bus terminal at Na Knížecí is already being phased out. The impact on train travel will be minimal during the planned work.

The reconstruction of Smíchov station is divided into several stages. The first phase, which has already begun, will include the laying of part of the tracks and the footbridge over the entire track.

The second stage, for which a construction contractor is now being looked, includes a complete reconstruction of the track, the restoration of three existing platforms and the construction of a new fourth platform, which will be used mainly by trains on the so-called Prague Semmering route, i.e. in the direction of Prague-Zličín and Hostivice.

The builders will also reconstruct the two existing underpasses and extend them under the entire station track. They will be built into the future parking house, whose investor is the capital city of Prague.

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Barrier-free access will be provided by lifts. The bridge over Nádražní Street will be a three-track bridge after the completion of the works, so that its capacity will correspond to that of the connecting, in the future also three-track railway bridge at Výton.

The works will also include the construction of a new footbridge to Radlická Street, which will also allow access to individual platforms and a connection to the new district created as part of the Smíchov City project.

City authorities also plan to build a hub connecting all types of public transport in Smíchov, along with a P+R carpark, at a cost of CZK 8 billion.

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