Dec 04, 2023

Salvation Army Launches Annual Collection. How Can You Contribute?

The Salvation Army’s annual collection in aid of the needy, primarily single parents, elderly citizens and homeless people, starts on December 4.


How can you contribute?

People can contribute to the cause by donating money to the organisation’s volunteers in the streets of Prague, Brno, Ostrava and other cities, as well as online. The collection will run until December 22.

You can donate money through the portal, by transferring it to an account, or physically on the streets of selected cities. The individuals collecting the money are referred to as “bell ringers”. You can contribute by placing your donation into the red kettle carried by the bell ringers.

Who does the collection help?

The funds will support initiatives for children, youth, families, and the elderly. For children, donations will primarily go towards organizing camps, clubs, or music and dance groups.

For the elderly, money from the kettle collection will contribute to self-development and memory training clubs, reading clubs, as well as education in foreign languages, mobile literacy, and computer work.

“The funds will also be utilized to assist the needy, individuals whom the Salvation Army Church will aid in challenging life situations and connect with social services. Last but not least, the funds will support convicted prisoners without families, specifically by sending care packages with hygiene items and clothing,” states the fundraising website.

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The collection, occurring during Advent, originated in America in 1891 and has become one of the most well-known street outreach initiatives of the Salvation Army worldwide.

Last year’s collection raised more than CZK 300,000 in the Czech Republic.

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